All rights reserved and copyright Amanda Boggs.   

Embodied Art Practice. Photography, Multi-Media and Site-specific Performance

My work questions the location of power in female identity through the exploration of architectural spaces and natural environments using the movement of the body. Drawing on my background in embodied practices (modern dance, yoga, physical theater, harness-based performance, varsity athletics), in visual arts (photography, film, and video), Eastern Philosophy, and on the ten years that she spent as an Off-Broadway performer, I explore the expressed and repressed vitality inherent within us, our bodies as an extension of our life force. 

I experiment a variety of technology and editing software including the a 360 Degree camera to investigate abstractions of the female body, demonstrating the shifting power dynamics that effect female identity. The camera acts as an extension of my body with eyes at the end of my finger tips. My creative process involves handheld camera movement, a kinesthetic awareness of how the camera reacts in different spaces and lighting environments, and a deep understanding of how the camera registers subtle and dynamic shifts of the body’s movement in space. I don’t use a view finder when I shoot but instead use my innate understanding of the camera’s perspective to see without seeing. There is a form of empowerment through this process of raw exploration, a lack of censorship which leads to an organic transformation of space and body. 

I collaborate with my subjects to create a safe space for improvisation. I work with subjects with whom I am intimately connected or develop a deep connection with through the process of creating.  I often work with performers, dancers, and athletes who move through the world using their own specific, physical vocabulary. The movement of the physical form becomes an extension of the internal self.  Pedestrian movement of the body transforms into unexpected movement that allows the viewer to question their own conditioned patterns of behavior and hopefully see the world around them in new ways.